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 South Texas

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Arruti designs and manufactures mechanical, compression and welded connectors for transmission, power substation and distribution systems for application in grounding, distribution, transmission and substations with capacities up to 500KV.


Arteche offers low voltage and medium voltage (600V to 72Kv) Dry type instrument transformers, bushing current transformers (BcTs) for indoor and outdoor applications

The Creative Composites Group delivers innovative, engineered solutions for cross arms as well as transmission, distribution, telecommunication and light poles.  Their Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite products are lightweight, high strength, corrosion-resistant and long-lasting.  Made in the USA.  Excludes STEC

Defender Plastics manufactures BOLO™ Corner Guard, a first-of-its-kind, all-in-one utility box pad protection system that reduces the amount of time and money spent repairing or replacing damaged pads and partially buried fiberglass utility infra-structure.

The Durham Company and its affiliates offer a complete line of products for the utility industry. These products include Residential, Commercial, Instrument Rated and Combination metering enclosures; Transockets, pad-mount equipment enclosures, instrument rated metering enclosures, 600V instrument rated transformers (GEC Durham), test switches, and electrical connectors. Made in the USA

INNER-TITE Corp. serves the utility industry through the design, manufacture and sale of innovative, premium quality mechanical security devices and makes revenue protection and utility theft prevention duties easier and more effective. Since 1932, they have specialized in developing the finest products for Electric, Gas, Water and Telecom/Cable TV utilities. Made in the USA.

Oil-filled CT’s & PT’s from 25-230kV, Oil-filled Station Service Transformers from 46kV-161kV, up to 167kVA, Combination CT/PT from 25kV-230kV, Slip-over bushing current transformers for retrofit and custom applications, Generator CT’s up to 50,000 Amps

Newell-PSN is a manufacturer of High Voltage Electrical Porcelain, Glass Insulators and High Density Polyethylene products. Their product types include Station Post, Line Post Transmission and Distribution as well as Apparatus porcelains. Their standard product line ranges from 7.5kV to 765kv.

Panel Built manufactures a complete line of custom modular substation buildings, security booths, pre-assembled buildings, ballistic rated guard houses, prefabricated towers, offices, mezzanines, cleanrooms, and other modular structures.

Pelco Structural Transmission, Substation, Distribution tapered tubular steel structure for applications up to 765kV, They pre-fit multi section structure before they ship to ensure accuracy. Offers temporary Emergency Transmission structures for fast installation that fits most application during any emergency needs. Made in the USA.

Phasor360 offers consulting and training services for the electric utility industry on Grounding, Metering, AMI, VAR Mitigation and SCADA. They build SME, PME, Cap-Banks, Sectionalizers and other custom OEM equipment. Disabled-VET Owned-USA Assembled

Premier supplier of transmission, distribution, substation and building wire and cable. Aluminum SER, SEU, XHHW, 600 Volt UD, Service Drop, ACSR, AAC, AAAC, ACSS, MV Cable, Bare Cu, Control cable, Guy Wire, Aluminum Clad, Airport Lighting, Portable Cord, Type W, G, G-GC, SHD-GC, DLO, Welding Cable, MC Cable, Category Cables (3, 5E, 6), Coaxial Cables, Electronics Cables, Ground Rods and Accessories.

Reinhausen manufacturers high-quality products such as on-load tap-changers and de-energized tap-changers, innovative sensors, automation technology and analytics, as well as an increasing number of digital solutions. Excluding CPS

Richards Manufactures CU & AL Connectors-Compression & Mechanical, Braided Rope, Pole Line Hardware, Wildlife Protector, 200AMP Loadbreak Elbows and ac-cessories, 600/900Amp Deadbreak Elbow and accessories, Cold Shrinks, Network Protector and Accessories, Overhead Disconnect Switch and ADSS Fiber Clamps. Made in the USA. Hardware only.

Royal manufactures hookstick disconnect switches, and group operated disconnect switches from 7kV through 345kV (600A thru 5000A), along with utility specific designs and substation power connectors. Products include Vee Center Break, Center break, Vertical Break, Double End Break, Side Break, Ground Switch, and a line of substation class power connectors, such as: Tee, Terminal, Stud, Bar, Bus Support, Coupler, Junction Boxes, Flexible Braid, Spring Strain Bus Assemblies, and Grounding Clamps.

Safegrid is a simplified and scalable fault monitoring solution for electric transmission and distribution grids. Their solution enables fault location within +/- 100 meter accuracy on a map in just seconds and predictive maintenance is based on 24/7/365 partial discharge detection. With proprietary algorithms, the system classifies grid events by type and severity, enabling customers to identify faults, anticipate future issues, and prevent them.

SPS Manufactures Low voltage switchgear and switchboards, medium voltage met-al-enclosed and metal-clad switchgear, low and medium voltage arc-resistant switchgear, metal-enclosed power capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks, PME enclosures, relay panels, skids, and e-house (PDC, PCR, EER, IPA, PCC) buildings. WBENC-Made in the USA

StressCrete makes High Quality Spun Concrete Poles, power distribution and transmission poles as well as a line of specialty poles that are suited for camera and solar applications. Made in the USA.

Uticom manufactures a full line of labels, markers, tags, decals, ANSI/OSHA safety graphics, waterproof tags, and custom signage for the utility market as well as custom-made solutions. Their compliant and durable graphics are accomplished through their Compliance Monitoring Program. Their services include the development, manufacturing and monitoring of hazard alerting and utility graphics standards, procedures and products. Made in the USA.

WEG offers Power, Auto’s, GSU’s, Rectifiers, Arc Furnace and 3 Phase Padmount Distribution Transformers. Made in the USA. 

As a Navy Veteran with over 25 years of experience in meter testing, Roger brings a unique perspective to the team. He is ERCOT certified and has served on the SWEMA planning committee for over 15 years. Roger has worked as a distributor, set up and ran meter shops, trained field testers, and worked as an operations manager. He has also deployed mass meter changeouts for AMI upgrades, working with utilities all over the south. With broad product knowledge, including PPE, tools, test boards, and power transformers, Roger is well-equipped to handle the needs of EHV Solutions’ clients.

Roger Bolin

Territory Manager

With 16 years in substation construction, maintenance, and apparatus testing, Chad will utilize his experience with EHV Solutions as a Territory Manager in South Texas.  He spent 13 years as a substation testing technician with CPS Energy in San Antonio, TX.  He then transitioned to Doble Engineering as a Client Service Engineer, supporting customers across southern United States whether it be in depth Power Factor training or interpreting/diagnosing test data from various equipment.

Chad Brown

Territory Manager



Andrea has over 17 years of experience in sales, sales management, manufacturing, and manufacturer’s representative experience covering markets across the southern US and the Caribbean. She is currently working for EHV Solutions providing solutions and services for the utility market in South Texas and Mississippi. Her experience includes transmission, distribution, and the utility lighting market segment.

Andrea Ward

Territory Manager

As an Army veteran and a licensed professional engineer with a MS E. E., Billy has dedicated the past 28 years to metering solutions, metering hardware design, and VAR mitigation. He has extensive experience in AMI solutions, metering solutions, and VAR correction needs at IOUs, cooperatives, municipals, military installations, and public utility districts. Billy is also a certified ERCOT EPS inspector.

Billy Williams, P.E.

Partner, Director of Engineering