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Panel Built manufactures a complete line of custom modular substation buildings, security booths, pre-assembled buildings, ballistic rated guard houses, prefabricated towers, offices, mezzanines, cleanrooms, and other modular structures.

Phasor360 offers consulting and training services for the electric utility industry on Grounding, Metering, AMI, VAR Mitigation and SCADA. They build SME, PME, Cap-Banks, Sectionalizers and other custom OEM equipment. Disabled-VET Owned-USA Assembled

Reinhausen manufacturers high-quality products such as on-load tap-changers and de-energized tap-changers, innovative sensors, automation technology and analytics, as well as an increasing number of digital solutions.

Safegrid is a simplified and scalable fault monitoring solution for electric transmission and distribution grids. Their solution enables fault location within +/- 100 meter accuracy on a map in just seconds and predictive maintenance is based on 24/7/365 partial discharge detection. With proprietary algorithms, the system classifies grid events by type and severity, enabling customers to identify faults, anticipate future issues, and prevent them.

Transmission & Distribution Services, LLC is a cost- effective leak seal solution to re-gasketing equipment for oil, nitrogen and SF6 leaks.  Leak repairs on Transformers, Circuit Breakers, and Cable.  Oil and gas leak detection and control programs.

With a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Kevin has over 33 years of experience in the electric utility industry. He began his career as an engineer for a statewide G&T in positions of construction, operations, and design. There he gained experience in metering, relay, SCADA, and operations of substations and transmission systems. He has worked the past 23 years as a manufacturers sales representative, utilizing his experience to provide solutions, products, and services to IOU, Coops and Municipalities across the southwest. He is currently working for EHV covering Colorado and New Mexico.

Kevin Pohle, E.E

Territory Manager